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If your looking for a nice tropical island to visit, Jamaica would be your best bet. The constant tropical climate is hot and humid, but very nice. In Jamaica, the sites are beautiful, greenery everywhere. Jamaica is the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean. 65% of the population are Christian, so if your a Christian, you'll have no problem fitting right in. Their culture is mostly Rastafari, so medical attention is the least of their worries. Jamaica is located just south of Cuba in the Caribbean, its national motto is "Out of Many, One people." So if your feeling a little tropical, come visit Jamaica and party it up with all the locals.
Relative Location- South of Cuba
Population- 2.8 million
Land Area- 11,000-km squared
GDP per capita- $7,776
Major river and nearby bodies of water- Caribbean Sea
Form of Government- Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
Language- Mainly English

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